Device Backups & Snapshots

An overview of setting up your backup strategy in Xelon HQ, and use cases for Backups and Snapshots.

Device backup allows you to safeguard sensitive business data using your own tool, or native Xelon HQ Backup Service. On the other side, Xelon HQ provides you with the Snapshot functionality. Making a Snapshot allows you to fixate the specific state of your system at the moment (let's say, before an OS update) and revert back quickly when needed.

Use Backups to safeguard your devices and data. Use Snapshots to ensure any update won't affect them.

Create a Backup of your Device

Within the Device page, go to the Backups tab and select the needed frequency from the dropdown.


We'll keep Backups stored only for 7 days after Device deletion.

Restore your backup

We do not display backup files on our interface. If you need to restore a Device, reach out to our support.

Create a Snapshot of your Device

Within the Device page, go to the Snapshots tab and click Create a new Snapshot. Give it a name, specify the purpose in the description, and click Create Snapshot. In a few seconds, your Snapshot will be ready.


If needed, you can restore a snapshot by clicking the Restore button.

Pro Tip

Snapshots must be deleted regularly to consolidate the virtual disk. Click the trashbox icon to delete a Snapshot. The deletion process might take some time, as it has to merge and consolidate the old and new Device state.