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Simple, smart and safe

We simplify the management of the IT infrastructure of IT service providers

Create and run your own cloud infrastructures on a Swiss cloud management platform. Thanks to the simple, fast and secure Xelon HQ, IT service providers can optimise costs and increase profits.

Portrait of  Andreas Schweizer, CEO at Diverto gmbh
Andreas Schweizer

CEO, Diverto gmbh


"Our customers and the whole operations team were thrilled with how easy and fast the project was implemented. We would start again anytime with Xelon to offer cloud services in Switzerland."

Illustration of Networks in the Xelon HQ.
Efficiency increase for IT operations

Maximum stability and guaranteed availability in daily IT operations

Forget the resource-intensive management of redundant data centres, multi-homed networks, hardware clusters and virtualisation layers. Manage servers and backups across multiple data centres at the click of a mouse.

Portrait of Luca Franek, Head of IT Services at PMI.AG
Luca Franek

Head of IT Services, PMI.AG


"The Xelon platform convinced us not only with its high functionality but also with its cost transparency. The plannability of resources and costs were decisive for the implementation of this project.

Illustration of Reports in the Xelon HQ.
More time for your technicians

Build innovative IT services targeted at your customers

When your IT infrastructure is in good hands, you can concentrate on your core business. With Xelon HQ, you retain full control over your server infrastructure and server costs without having to deal with maintenance.

Portrait of Stephan Wyss, Head of Service Desk & Operations, DQ Solutions
Stephan Wyss

Head of Service Desk & Operations, DQ Solutions


"The migration of the machines was a piece of cake! Since then, we no longer have to look after any hardware and have been able to reduce the on-call service of the technicians, among other things."

Illustration of Kubernetes in the Xelon HQ.

Ready for the cloud revolution?

Try Xelon HQ for free and provision your own cloud environment in just a few clicks or contact us for a no-obligation consultation.

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This is Xelon

Our mission is to deliver a cloud infrastructure management platform that tech teams love. We want to contribute to a world where IT teams can realise their full potential and deliver business ideas and strategic expansions faster than ever before.

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The little cloud 101 for IT service providers

In this e-book we show the opportunities of cloud services for IT service providers.

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