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We revolutionize IT infrastructure management for IT service providers

Creating and running your IT infrastructures has never been easier than with the Swiss multi-cloud management platform Xelon HQ. The intuitive, fast, and secure Xelon HQ allows IT service providers to save time, reduce expenses and optimize profits.

Andreas Schweizer

CEO, Diverto gmbh


"Our customers and the whole operations team were thrilled with how easy and fast the project was implemented. We would start again anytime with Xelon to offer cloud services in Switzerland."

Illustration of Networks in the Xelon HQ.
Efficiency increase for IT operations

Manage highly available and stable IT infrastructures within minutes per week

Gone are the days of managing hardware and running redundant data centers. Say goodbye to the time-consuming and often tedious management of IT infrastructures across multiple providers and platforms. Manage servers and backups within minutes and adjust your IT infrastructure with the click of a mouse.

Luca Franek



"Besides providing all the features and functionalities relevant to us, cost transparency is what makes Xelon's platform so compelling to me. We have complete control over costs, which makes the allocation of resources and the planning of projects much easier."

Illustration of Reports in the Xelon HQ.
More focus for your tech talents

Allocate your resources how you really need them and concentrate fully on your core business

With Xelon HQ, you can streamline your IT infrastructure management and deploy your tech talent more effectively. This allows you to cushion the impact of the ongoing IT skills shortage and focus more on what really matters to your business and your customers.

Pascal Pequignot
Pascal Péquignot

Head of Operations, Teleinformatik Services AG


"The migration of the machines went smoothly! We now no longer have to monitor hardware manually and were thus able to reduce the workload of our on-call service technicians."

Illustration of Kubernetes in the Xelon HQ.

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This is Xelon

Our mission is to deliver an IT management platform that tech teams love. We empower IT teams to maximize their potential and realize business ideas and strategic expansions faster than ever before.

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