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Create and manage Linux or Windows servers with a few clicks and control access to your IT infrastructure easier than ever before.

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In Xelon HQ, you can fully customize your IT infrastructure within a minute.

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Run your workloads and applications in a highly available and secure Swiss Cloud environment.

Portrait of Miro Hegnauer, CEO at Konova AG.

Miro Hegnauer

CEO, Konova AG

"Our clients and the whole team are very excited about how easily and quickly this project was implemented."


Our Swiss-hosted Cloud orchestration platform helps IT service providers build and
expand your service portfolio.

Icon representing the Kubernetes feature  in the Xelon HQ.

With the Xelon HQ, you can create Kubernetes clusters within minutes, align them to your needs and combine them with Block Storage and load-balancing capabilities. Focus on your core business, build and grow your services, while the IT infrastructure is on us.

Windows and Linux server infrastructures in the Xelon HQ platform.
Windows & Linux

Build entire server infrastructures for your customers and projects in our Public Cloud or a Private Cloud. Xelon HQ not only simplifies the setup of IT infrastructures, but also their management, control, and billing.


Your data is safe in Xelon HQ. Our Swiss Cloud orchestration platform meets the
highest security standards and facilitates regular backups.

Persistent Storage feature in the Xelon HQ platform.
Persistent Storage

Your data and systems are safely stored in our Swiss Cloud infrastructure, even in the event of power or Internet failures. Persistent storage guarantees you don't lose any valuable work progress.

Block Storage Feature in the Xelon HQ Platform
Block Storage

With Xelon HQ, your data is divided into blocks and stored separately (Block Storage). This simplifies administration and configuration and makes the daily work of IT service providers easier.

Icon representing the Backup und Snapshots feature  in the Xelon HQ.
Backup & Snapshots

Create backups and snapshots in Xelon HQ at any time. Our Cloud orchestration platform provides daily backups of complete servers as well as agent-based backups for files and applications.

Network & Security

Xelon HQ is equipped with state-of-the-art security tools to guarantee maximum
protection of your IT environment.

Icon representing the WAN Features in the Xelon HQ.

Virtual WAN technology in Xelon HQ enables the latest encryption and security features. This ensures the secure transmission of your data.

LAN Networks feature in the Xelon HQ platform.
LAN Networks

Create Windows or Linux servers in Xelon HQ within a secured network. Our infrastructure is in ISO-certified data centers in Switzerland.

Shared Networks feature in the Xelon HQ platform.
Shared Networks

To ensure maximum data protection, customer infrastructures in our public Cloud are separated by shared networks.

Firewall feature in the Xelon HQ platform.

Keep track of who is accessing your IT infrastructure at all times and limit access with the integrated Xelon HQ Firewall Service or third-party firewall solutions such as Sophos, pfSense or Fortigate.

Load balancer feature in the Xelon HQ platform.
Load Balancer

Use the load balancing service in Xelon HQ (or other load balancers) to distribute loads, create highly available clusters at the click of a button, and increase efficiency.

WAF feature in the Xelon HQ platform.

Protect your applications from misuse, unauthorized access, and data loss with a Web Application Firewall (WAF). Set up the right WAF for your IT environment within minutes.

Management Tools

The following management tools, integrated in Xelon HQ, help IT service providers to
increase speed and efficiency.

Multi Tenancy feature in the Xelon HQ platform.
Multi Tenancy

Separate customer infrastructures and internal projects in Xelon HQ for easier management.

User management feature in the Xelon HQ platform.
User Management

Ensure that all users have exactly the access rights they need to organizations and infrastructures.

Billing and reporting feature in the Xelon HQ platform.
Billing & Reporting

An intuitive billing and reporting tool in Xelon HQ simplifies billing.

RestAPI feature in the Xelon HQ platform.

All functions in Xelon HQ can be accessed via RestAPI and integrated into your systems.

Cloud Computing Models

No matter if you go for Public Cloud or a Private Cloud: our Swiss Cloud
infrastructure empowers IT service providers to create the right IT
environment for all requirements.

Public cloud in the Xelon HQ platform.
Public Cloud

Create and scale your IT infrastructure in less than a minute and with no setup fees. With Xelon there are no hidden costs and with our pay-as-you-go model you only pay for resources you actually use.

Private cloud in the Xelon HQ platform.
Private Cloud

Get your own dedicated Cloud infrastructure with dedicated hardware and a separate network for larger IT environments or projects with stricter compliance requirements.

See for yourself

With Xelon HQ, you can focus on your core business while we, as Swiss cloud experts, take care of your IT infrastructure.

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