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Kubernetes for Developers and DevOps

Icon illustrating the rapid deployment of applications thanks to Kubernetes.
Fast deployment

Kubernetes helps you deploy applications and services in production and test environments even faster.

Icon representing optimized operation thanks to Kubernetes.
Optimized operations

With Continuous Integration & Deployment (CI/CD), you can organize ongoing operations as well as updates and upgrades according to the latest efficiency standards.

Icon to represent scaling and redundancy for Kubernetes environments.
Scaling & Redundancy

A highly available Kubernetes environment makes it easier to scale your applications at any time.

The Xelon Kubernetes Service

Create new Kubernetes clusters within minutes via our Xelon HQ. Choose the number of nodes and their configuration and combine the service with block storage and load balancing via Xelon HQ or directly from Kubernetes.

Developer as a cyclist with a Kubernetes steering wheel.

And much more:

Icon representing firewall and load balancing management via Kubernetes in the Xelon HQ platform.
FW & LB Management

Configure access to your cluster or create load balancing rules at the click of a mouse via our Xelon HQ

Horizontal scaling feature in the Xelon HQ platform.
Horizontal Scaling

Thanks to the option to scale automatically, your infrastructure always has the correct size for your current workload.

Access to the Kubernetes API as a feature in Xelon HQ.
Kubernetes API

With a Xelon Kubernetes cluster, you have full Kubectl access and configure it as usual via CLI or any other Kubernetes tool.

Creation of Persistent Storage Volumes via Kubernetes in Xelon HQ.
Persistent storage

Add persistent storage volumes to your Kubernetes cluster with a single click and make them available to all applications in the cluster.

Private network feature in the Xelon HQ platform.
Private Network

Security and privacy is part of the DNA of all our products. Your Kubernetes cluster is created in a completely segregated private network.

Our services can be configured via the RestAPI feature.
Xelon HQ RestAPI

All functions of our services can be configured not only via our web GUI, but also via our RestAPI service.

Fast setup, full service!

Xelon HQ supports you in creating your Kubernetes cluster as well as load balancing
and persistent storage. We provide the Kubernetes Control Plane that
you can access with kubectl or any other Kubernetes tool.

Managing Kubernetes load balancers at Xelon HQ.

Manage Load Balancer and Forwarding Rules

Managing Kubernetes pools and nodes in Xelon HQ.

Manage Pools and Nodes or Cluster Config Files with a single mouse click

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Our customers

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What our customers say

Patrick Ummel
Patrick Ummel

Chief Digital Officer, Swiss Federal Audit Office

“Xelon ensures our services' secure and uninterrupted operation which is essential for us as a federal enterprise. Competent consulting, proactive support, and short response times facilitate the implementation of projects.”

Luca Franek


"Besides providing all the features and functionalities relevant to us, cost transparency is what makes Xelon's platform so compelling to me. We have complete control over costs, which makes the allocation of resources and the planning of projects much easier."

Martin Scheiwiller
Martin Scheiwiller

Owner, Tremegisto Consulting

"Setting up the client infrastructure was extremely straightforward. We were able to get the whole project up and running within three months."