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Create and manage Linux or Windows servers at the click of a mouse and control access to your IT infrastructure more easily than ever before.

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Run servers and web applications in a highly available and secure Swiss Cloud environment.

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Fully customize your IT infrastructure within a minute.

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OS management
OS Management

We manage Linux and Windows servers and take care of OS and application hardening, monitoring, patching, and backups. Our specialists provide a secure environment in which you can run your services and applications.

Linux and Windows-based services

Running Linux-based services like Nginx, MySQL or Apache and their counterparts on Windows requires expertise and time. Our experienced Sysadmins and DevOps will gladly take over this task for you.

Firewall and load balancing management
FW & LB Management

The security and availability of your services can be extended with gateway and load balancing services. Besides classical packet filtering we also take care of web application firewalling or vulnerability scanning.

Database Management

We design and manage your databases according to the requirements of your applications and services. We also take care of backups, replication & clustering, and much more.

Managed Security

Security first! We support you in choosing and operating cyber security solutions. In addition to classic measures such as hardening, malware scanning and gateway firewalls, we help operators of web applications with the necessary protection on Layer7, for example with Web Application Firewalls (WAF) or vulnerability scannings.

Managed Security

Built with you in mind

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Web Application Firewall (WAF)

With the right WAF we protect your IT environment against Layer 7 DDoS, SQL Injection, Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) or XML-based attacks like WSDL Poisoning.

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Vulnerability Scanning

Our security cracks regularly check your applications and IT infrastructures for vulnerabilities.

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Gateway Security

We manage and monitor your gateway protection on Layer 3 and Layer 4.

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Our customers

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What our customers say

Patrick Ummel
Patrick Ummel

Chief Digital Officer, Swiss Federal Audit Office

“Xelon ensures our services' secure and uninterrupted operation which is essential for us as a federal enterprise. Competent consulting, proactive support, and short response times facilitate the implementation of projects.”

Luca Franek


"Besides providing all the features and functionalities relevant to us, cost transparency is what makes Xelon's platform so compelling to me. We have complete control over costs, which makes the allocation of resources and the planning of projects much easier."

Martin Scheiwiller
Martin Scheiwiller

Owner, Tremegisto Consulting

"Setting up the client infrastructure was extremely straightforward. We were able to get the whole project up and running within three months."