What is a private cloud?

Private Clouds are hosted on private servers, with resources and networks completely isolated from other users. Users have full control over the virtual network, ensuring that critical workloads and data are isolated from other users on the cloud infrastructure. The key advantages of Private Clouds over Public Clouds include higher data protection standards, enhanced reliability, and complete ownership of your own data and applications.

Why private clouds are on the rise

Instead of stockpiling excess capacity with your own bare-metal server and having limited room for expansion, more and more IT service providers are turning to a private cloud solution. With a private cloud from our ISO-certified Swiss data centers, you can create a tailored and highly secure IT infrastructure without the need to build and operate your own hardware. You retain complete control over your data and systems and can access your private cloud whenever you need to.

Private Cloud cost calculation

"With a Private Cloud, you have less internal ownership. You no longer have to worry about data center, virtualization, and network issues, and you don't need to hire specialized professionals for these areas. Additionally, when working with the right Cloud Provider, IT service providers have the benefit of having a partner to support them in their projects. If you are facing a shortage of ICT professionals or need a Solution Architect to design your environment for a project, you can ideally rely on your Cloud Provider to provide the necessary resources."

Michael Dudli
CEO, Xelon AG

In our blog post, you will discover how to achieve a Xelon Private Cloud in just six weeks. 


What are the advantages of Xelon's Private Cloud? 

A Xelon Private Cloud ensures complete control over your data and systems. You retain sovereignty over your entire IT infrastructure, including data.
Maximum data protection
With Xelon's Swiss Private Cloud, you can assure your customers that their data will stay within Switzerland.
Secure data storage
In the event of IT disasters, your end customers will not lose valuable data thanks to the Private Cloud. We also assist you in creating an IT emergency plan to ensure preparedness.
Time saving and more focus
With a Private Cloud, you can eliminate the need to build and maintain your own hardware. This allows you to save time that can be better spent on business-relevant activities. 
In our Private Cloud, you have the opportunity to utilize One-Click Tools and tailor your own Tool-Stack. 
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Plus points with employees
Agile teams require a flexible and reliable IT infrastructure. This will impress tech talents, which is becoming increasingly important due to the scarcity of ICT professionals. 

How IT service providers benefit from a private cloud

In our free whitepaper, IT service providers will discover how a Private Cloud can simplify their everyday work and the challenges they may face when migrating to the Private Cloud.


What our customers say

Patrick Ummel
Patrick Ummel

Chief Digital Officer, Swiss Federal Audit Office

“Xelon ensures our services' secure and uninterrupted operation which is essential for us as a federal enterprise. Competent consulting, proactive support, and short response times facilitate the implementation of projects.”

Luca Franek


"Besides providing all the features and functionalities relevant to us, cost transparency is what makes Xelon's platform so compelling to me. We have complete control over costs, which makes the allocation of resources and the planning of projects much easier."

Martin Scheiwiller
Martin Scheiwiller

Owner, Tremegisto Consulting

"Setting up the client infrastructure was extremely straightforward. We were able to get the whole project up and running within three months."

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