IPMI access via VPN

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IPMI access via VPN

Author: Simon Kilchmann

Category: Business / IT infrastructure / Cloud

January 10, 2019


For access to your IPMI you will receive a secure VPN access from us. After establishing the VPN connection, you can access your IPMI IP address via browser. You will find all access data under the respective Dedicated Server Service in your my.xelon.ch portal.


If no VPN access data is visible under a Dedicated Server Service in your my.xelon.ch account, you can access your IPMI directly without VPN.

To download the VPN client, open the VPN link that is stored on the corresponding Dedicated Server and log in with the appropriate access data.

VPN client is available for:

Windows x64: https://3366455.fs1.hubspotusercontent-na1.net/hubfs/3366455/06_Blog/07/NetworkAccessClient_5.3.1-6_x64.exe.zip

MAC: https://3366455.fs1.hubspotusercontent-na1.net/hubfs/3366455/06_Blog/07/VPNClient_5.3.1_OSX.zip

After successful installation, start the 'Barracuda VPN Client', right click the client Connect in the system tray (may vary depending on your operating system).


Insert your (username / password) available in your “my.xelon.ch” portal under (IPMI details).


After successful VPN login


Now you can connect to your IPMI.



You will find all the necessary access data in your my.xelon.ch portal.




Simon Kilchmann

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