Managed server for the Swiss Confederation

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Author: Michael Dudli

Category: Data security / IT infrastructure / Case Study

July 29, 2020

The Swiss Federal Audit Office (SFAO) plays an important role in safeguarding Switzerland's independence and transparency. Security and stability are top priorities for the SFAO's IT infrastructure, which is why the financial supervisory body relies on managed servers from Xelon.

The SFAO has been the Confederation's supreme financial supervisory body since 1877. The SFAO supports the Swiss Federal Assembly and the Federal Council and supervises the financial management of the Federal Administration as well as numerous semi-governmental and international organisations. The SFAO is also the national contact point for whistleblowing in the Federal Administration. The SFAO thus plays an important role in maintaining Switzerland's independence and transparency.

Data scandals and attacks by cyber criminals all over the world have brought the topic of IT security into focus and it is now clear that the web environment of bodies that contribute to the functioning of a democracy must be protected in the best possible way from external access and hacker attacks. Thanks to strict data protection laws and excellent international relations, Switzerland has established itself in recent years as a safe haven for hosting services for companies and organisations.


Managed servers are always located in certified data centres

For the SFAO, too, Switzerland as a server location was an absolute must when choosing an IT provider. "For the relaunch of our website and the secure operation of web applications as well as specialist applications on dedicated servers, we were looking for a professional Swiss hosting partner with server location in Switzerland," explains Markus Moog, Head of IT / Integration Manager. The SFAO chose the Zug-based provider Xelon, whose infrastructure is located in certified data centres in Switzerland.

Since the successful collaboration on the website relaunch, the EFK has also been using Managed Server Services from Xelon. The solutions used by Xelon meet the highest standards of availability, stability and performance. Automatic failovers ensure maximum availability. Depending on the end users' needs, the IT infrastructure can be expanded with just a few mouse clicks. The server is proactively monitored by Xelon's operations team.

The full case study on managed servers at the EFK is available on our website.

Customer proximity is more than just a buzzword at Xelon

"Xelon offers a tailor-made portfolio that exactly meets our needs. Thanks to the secure and stable IT environment, we can fully concentrate on pursuing our goals and know that our IT infrastructure, including all data, is in good hands," says Markus Moog. The team has always responded quickly to enquiries and dealt with all requests within a very short time. At Xelon itself, customer proximity and individual support are very important to us: "In personal discussions, we gain valuable insights into the demands our customers place on the IT environment and can develop suitable solutions together," explains Michael Dudli, CEO of Xelon.

Federal Audit Office

The SFAO has been the Confederation's supreme financial supervisory body since 1877. It supports the Federal Assembly and the Federal Council. Its independence is guaranteed by the Federal Auditing Act (FCA). The SFAO monitors the financial management of the Federal Administration and numerous semi-governmental and international organisations. Since 2014, a large part of its work has been published.


Michael Dudli

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