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This is the internet speed that is actually required for cloud hosting

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Author: Simon Kilchmann

Category: IT infrastructure / Cloud

December 10, 2020

Simon Kilchmann, Head of Business Development at Xelon, explains what internet speed is needed for cloud hosting in an article on IT-Markt. You can find the full article here:

Already from 25 Mbit into the cloud: Thanks to the right load distribution on several computer resources, you need less high internet speed for cloud computing than you thought. This makes cloud hosting worthwhile even for small businesses!

Instead of stockpiling performance with their own bare metal servers, making a high one-off investment, replacing the hardware every five to seven years and having little scope for expansion, more and more Swiss IT service providers are procuring custom-fit cloud services. To do this, they work with an IT infrastructure provider that provides highly available, stable and scalable cloud services to support the IT environment of companies of all sizes. After migration to the cloud, the end customer's IT infrastructure can be adapted or expanded at the click of a mouse, and thanks to the pay-as-you-go payment model, only resources that are actually used need to be paid for.

However, some companies are hesitant to make the move to the cloud because they fear their Internet performance and bandwidth are not sufficient for it. Cloud computing works over a broadband connection. The speed of the underlying internet connection, the processing speed of the computer and the software or operating systems used affect the performance of cloud services. What is the truth behind the persistent myth that cloud computing and cloud hosting only work with high Internet speeds and are therefore mainly suitable for large companies with redundant networks and private connectivity?

More speed thanks to separate network connection

In the case of companies with five workstations, an Internet performance of at least 25 megabits (Mbit) is recommended for the use of cloud services, for companies with ten workstations it is 50 Mbit and for 20 or more workstations 100 Mbit is worthwhile. For comparison, watching a movie in Ultra HD quality on Netflix also requires 25 Mbit per second, and even homes often have enough internet power to do this. A solution for increased Internet speed, reliability and stability can be own network connections to cloud services that are separated from the public Internet. Cloud service providers can help companies to ensure the correct conditions for a cloud migration.

Traffic generated by applications in the cloud must be monitored and prioritized in real time to make the most of the scalability and Internet power that comes with the cloud. Cloud service providers support their customers with load balancing, the distribution of workloads across multiple computing resources. Load balancing allows the precise control and regulation of resources and maximizes their availability. By means of load balancing, the cloud provider ensures that workload requirements can be efficiently managed and controlled. Thanks to cloud load balancing, it is possible to react quickly to unexpected traffic peaks in the work network. The switch to the cloud is therefore not only a good idea for large companies with a corresponding IT budget. With the right service provider, SMEs can also migrate their infrastructure to the cloud without hesitation.

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This article by Xelon was published on 02.12.2020 on IT-Markt.


Simon Kilchmann

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