What are the advantages of Xelon's Public Cloud? 

Time saving and more focus
By utilizing a Public Cloud, you can eliminate the need to build and maintain your own hardware. This allows you to save valuable time that can be better utilized for business-related activities.
Unparalleled scalability
With a Public Cloud, you can set up new servers and expand your IT infrastructure in just a matter of seconds.
Cost efficiency
Pay for only the server services you actually use with Xelon's Public Cloud and keep track of your ongoing costs at any time. 
With our Public Cloud hosted in our ISO-certified Swiss data centers, you can assure your customers that their data will remain in Switzerland.
Secure data storage
With our Public Cloud, your end customers won't lose any valuable data in the event of IT disasters. We assist you in creating an IT emergency plan and setting up Cloud backups.
Plus points with employees
Agile teams require a flexible IT infrastructure. This is a key factor in attracting tech talents, which is becoming increasingly important in light of the shortage of ICT professionals.

Guide: Public Cloud or Private Cloud? 

Public Cloud
  • Status Image Configuration of public and private networks
  • Status Image Swiss data center
  • Status Image For growing and agile IT teams
  • Status Image easy scaling (new servers can be set up within second
  • Status Image Only pay for resources actually used (pay-as-you-go payment model)
  • Status Image no fixed monthly costs
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Private Cloud
  • Status Image dedicated hardware and network infrastructure
  • Status Image Swiss data center
  • Status Image for rather static IT infrastructures of 50 servers or more
  • Status Image Maximum security for IT environments with increased compliance requirements
  • Status Image complete sovereignty over data and systems
  • Status Image no fixed monthly costs

What is a Public Cloud?

A Public Cloud is a cloud solution that is shared with other users. Cloud providers like Xelon operate and manage the Public Cloud, ensuring its availability. Although multiple companies share the cloud and network, instances within the cloud are clearly separated from those of other users. The key advantages of Public Clouds over Private Clouds include easier scalability and higher cost efficiency. Learn more about our public cloud services.

How does a migration to the public cloud work?

When it comes to migrating on-premise infrastructures to a public cloud, we are here to assist you in seamlessly replicating your data, servers, and virtual machines in the cloud. With proper preparation, entire IT environments can be moved to the cloud of your choice in just a few days, without causing any significant disruptions to your workflow. We have supported hundreds of IT teams in their journey to the cloud and understand the crucial importance of providing close guidance during cloud migrations.


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Frequent Customer Inquiry: What risks does the Public Cloud entail? 

Kosten Explosion_linear
Feared risk: cost explosion in the cloud

What we do differently: With Xelon's Public Cloud, you only pay for the resources you actually use and have the ability to continuously monitor your expenses.

Feared risk: loss of control over data and systems

What we do to combat this: Through a management console, you can directly access your Public Cloud and adapt your IT infrastructure flexibly. You retain control over your data and systems.

Feared risk: large amount of time required for administration

What we do to address this: Our Swiss Public Cloud allows you to manage your IT infrastructure within minutes per week and deploy your IT experts more effectively than ever before.

Feared risk: long training period

What we do to address this: Xelon's Public Clouds are designed in such a way that no IT expertise is required for management.

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What our customers say

Patrick Ummel
Patrick Ummel

Chief Digital Officer, Swiss Federal Audit Office

“Xelon ensures our services' secure and uninterrupted operation which is essential for us as a federal enterprise. Competent consulting, proactive support, and short response times facilitate the implementation of projects.”

Luca Franek


"Besides providing all the features and functionalities relevant to us, cost transparency is what makes Xelon's platform so compelling to me. We have complete control over costs, which makes the allocation of resources and the planning of projects much easier."

Martin Scheiwiller
Martin Scheiwiller

Owner, Tremegisto Consulting

"Setting up the client infrastructure was extremely straightforward. We were able to get the whole project up and running within three months."