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Author: Simon Kilchmann

Category: Cloud / Backup

April 8, 2019


When we look after new resellers or partners, one question is bound to come up: And what about backup? For our Virtual Datacenter, we have designed three simple variants of how the backup can be solved for the customer, i.e. implemented by the reseller. The right key for every lock. Here is a brief overview of the possibilities.


Option 1: All-round carefree package with Acronis

The simplest and most preferred option is to use our Acronis infrastructure. We create an account for the reseller with us. He then installs the Backup Agent on the desired systems and creates and manages his backup jobs via Acronis. This gives him access to the full capabilities of Acronis. This means complete VM states but also backup and restore on file or folder level. He does not have to worry about licenses or maintenance of this system (see also Managed Services). As mentioned, a turnkey service with a fixed price per GB of storage required.

Variant 2: Often used for application servers, the extension of the VM backup

If you can limit your backup to complete VM states, it's a bit easier. We make a cloud backup of the entire infrastructure for disaster recovery. For legal reasons, this is limited to one day. If desired, we can extend this to five days. In planning for this year is a backup management completely integrated into the front end. Currently, requests for restore and extension of a backup job are still made via ticket requests to our support. There are no differences in the price calculation to the Acronis solution.

Variant 3: Dedicated Device, inexpensive but with more own effort

Experience is important and creates the necessary trust in the solution. System integrators who prefer to continue working with their existing backup solution can also do so with us. To do this, you book a dedicated device (see also DedicatedHosting) with the desired configuration level and we connect this device to the same LAN as our virtual data center. Administration, patching and monitoring are of course still in the hands of the reseller. Of course, this variant also works with hardware that the customer procures himself. This then runs under colocation. Here, the prices vary depending on the approach.

And how is it calculated in the offer?

Variant 1 is by far the most frequently used method. It brings all the attributes of an all-round, carefree package with all the possibilities at a fixed price. Of course, there may be differences in backup volume compared to variant 2. Calculating the backup volume exactly in advance is a crystal ball task. Various factors such as compression and the type of data play an important role here. As an approximate key for the VM variant with 5 days/states we calculate with approx. 1.5 x used storage. Our Disaster Recovery (1 day/state) requires about 0.8 x Used Storage.

If you would like to talk in detail about the perfect backup solution for your portfolio, we will be happy to assist you at any time.


Simon Kilchmann

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