Xelon vDC - what is it anyway?

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Author: Simon Kilchmann

Category: IT infrastructure / Cloud

September 4, 2018

We constantly speak of the Virtual Datacenter or vDC. The term can be interpreted relatively freely and is also used in this way by various providers. But what is the Xelon vDC anyway? This question is answered by our Head of Operations, Matias Meier, in his Tech-Blog.

The Xelon Virtual Datacenter, vDC for short, is a highly available cloud based on VMWare hosts. We have developed our own web application for easy administration. All data is stored in Switzerland on our high-performance Enterprise SSD Cluster. The name vDC was chosen because the complete data center lifecycle can be mapped. Users have the possibility to manage several private networks in vDC and to operate servers, firewalls, load balancers etc. within these networks.

Map classical on-premise infrastructure directly within vDC

For example, create a firewall with a WAN, a LAN and a DMZ. The firewall segments the different networks like an on-premise solution. Here is a first advantage: You do not have to purchase any hardware and therefore have no initial costs. In the LAN as well as in the DMZ you can provide any number of virtual servers. No matter if Linux, Windows or others. These virtual servers can be installed within minutes thanks to our templates. Your workload is only a few seconds. If you want to use an operating system which we do not already offer as a template, you have the possibility to install it via ISO. After the installation you can also produce your own template from this virtual server, which is available for further server instances.

New way of sizing - pay what you need!

Because you don't have to buy any more hardware, you don't have to create your sizing for the next X years, but you start small and only pay for what you actually need. For example, you start with a server with 2 vCPUs, 4 GB RAM and 50 GB SSD storage. Over the months you suddenly need more performance and storage capacity. With our intuitive web interface you can expand vCPUs, RAM and SSD storage in no time.

Also in vDC the appropriate firewall provides the necessary security

We are manufacturer-independent. So you can use the firewall in our vDC, which you have learned to know and appreciate over the years. For various manufacturers you will find in our template collection already the necessary files for a quick installation. Currently we offer the firewalls from Sonicwall, Sophos, Barracuda as well as the open source firewall pfSense 'out of the box'. Other firewalls such as Fortigate and Watchguard can be easily deployed via an OVA. Multi-tenant firewalls can easily be used for several customers and thus achieve ideal utilization and scaling.

Multi-client capable - manage all my clients easily, but still cleanly separated!

Our vDC is completely multi-client capable. This requirement was at the beginning of the whole concept development. Resellers and system integrators can assign a network to each customer and then inherit it to themselves, so you have the possibility to integrate e.g. a firewall running in your account into this network.

Getting a real taste for vDC now? Do not hesitate to apply for a free test account .


Simon Kilchmann

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