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Author: Matias Meier

Category: IT infrastructure / Linux

August 22, 2019

A template for Debian 10 is now available in our Virtual Datacenter or Xelon HQ. But what are the new features of the new stable version codenamed "Buster"? We try to give you the most important information in this short article.


More security in the Debian 10 template

The new version comes with security benefits, such as verification of the origin of packages thanks to the Reproducable Builds project. AppArmor also provides an access control framework that limits the scope of programs. If desired, sandboxing can be used for almost all APT methods.

More packages and features

The UEFI support (Unified Extensible Firmware Interface), which was introduced in Debian 7, has also been greatly enhanced. Furthermore the packages cups and cups-filter bring driverless printing to Debian 10.

The software packages supplied have also been increased by a large number compared to the previous version. In figures, this is over 62% more and thus over 59,000 ready-to-use software packages. In this way Debian wants to remain the universal operating system while improving quality and ensuring stability.

Thanks to the template we created, Debian 10 can now be installed and used quickly and easily in our Virtual Datacenter or Xelon HQ for Linux servers.

Debian is distributed free of charge over the internet. You have the possibility to download it independently. Here you can find the FTP list for downloading the image. If you are looking for an installation manual, we recommend this link: Install Manual


Matias Meier

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