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Illustration showing the use of the Virtual Datacenter

Author: Michael Dudli

Category: IT infrastructure / Cloud

August 12, 2019

Our Virtual Datacenter is the all-purpose weapon for Swiss companies to dare to use the cloud without reservation. Our cloud infrastructure is flexible, highly available and completely under Swiss data protection. But what can I do with it and which scenario suits me best? We provide the answer here.

We often hear questions about state-of-the-art deployment scenarios in relation to our vDC. Reason enough to pick up the most important points in our blog. Here are the most common application scenarios around our Virtual Datacenter.


No. 1: Cloud with central firewall

In this scenario, you use a central firewall as the entry and exit point to the various servers. Depending on the requirements, you can decide whether to use a commercial Sophos, Forti, Barracuda, etc. or to forego advanced security functions. For classic stateful firewalling and VPN functions, an open source variant such as PfSense is sufficient for some.

The complete environment can be integrated directly into your own network via site-to-site VPN, client VPN or layer 3. Additional measures such as WAF (Web Application Firewall) or monitoring and alerting can be added at any time.


No. 2: Hybrid infrastructure

A hybrid infrastructure not only makes sense if you still have certain reservations about the cloud. For online shops in the e-commerce area, websites with high data volume or community stories like web forums that generate high traffic, dedicated infrastructure makes sense. But I still don't have to do without the advantages of a cloud environment.

In a hybrid infrastructure we distribute the local LAN within the physical data center. This allows you to combine your virtual servers with dedicated infrastructure and choose the appropriate solution depending on your resource requirements.


Deployment Virtual Datacenter - Which, by the way, also goes...

My customer has just extended the warranty on their hardware. We don't currently have time to migrate the entire infrastructure in one fell swoop. No problem! If you prefer to migrate your infrastructure in small steps, we offer you to move the servers to our datacenter (see also dedicated server hosting). We put the servers directly into the same LAN as your vDC and you do the migration step by step, as it suits you! So much for the beginning. In part 2, we'll talk about public cloud servers and take a closer look at the classic IT reseller and system integrator scenario.

You can't wait that long? Write us an email or give us a call. We will be happy to discuss your scenario and the appropriate use of the Virtual Datacenter individually!


Michael Dudli

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